Authors Corner


Black people, what other group of humanity can boast of such a rainbow, vanilla to licorice, Spanish to Swahili, ebony to blonde? Who else has influenced major changes in what people wear, how they talk, and the music the listen to? We do?

Yes WE do. Black people, people of many shades, people of many talents, ideas, and strengths. Therefore, who else can unite and strengthen us, but US. Who else can create hope and give a positive attitude to our people but US?
Learn more about our strengths, talents, ideas, and dreams. We dedicate this second edition of Positive and Black to all of us who go against society’s negative portrayal of Black people. Experience with us something new and exciting, while seeking everything that is Positive and Black.


 The black conversation started long before my conversation. It seems the black conversation has died. I decided to rejuvenate the positive energy that flows with in each of us and start the black conversation again. Before we begin the black conversation , I would like to remind everyone that a good listener is a genius, because the knowledge gain from the conversation has been planted and growth has begun.


The day before I died, the people who loved me were there. I wanted to go peacefully and they made sure I did. They watched as I slipped slowly away, asking God to forgive me.

                 The Day before I Died!

As I looked down upon them watching as they stared at my still body, I tried to reach out and wipe away their tears; as I touched their souls to assure them that I was finally at peace and had already reached my destination.

                   The Day Before I Died!

While lying there grasping for my last breathes you made sure that nothing was constricting my airway. Thank you for getting the nurses and the aids to help me through that difficult time.

                    The Day Before I Died

Now That I am Gone, don’t waste the precious time you have left here on earth missing me, instead live life to the fullest. It’s ok to think about me from time to time remembering only the good times.

Time is something that most of us take for granted. Thanks for the time you spent with me during my last moment here on earth. I didn’t realize how much you meant to me until the day before I died.


The N word is so commonly used today.But I remember hearing it so often as a child. I lived in a neighborhood that was mostly white. The kids would often call me the N word if they were upset with me or just didn’t like black people.

Those white kids who didn’t like blacks, let you know right away and you won’t bother with them nor would they bother you most of the time.

Many of my childhood white friends knew not to call me the N word and many of them knew the meaning of the N word and how hurtful it was to me and my family so they never used it.

I would always swell up with anger and be ready for a fight when ever anyone would call me the N word. Today things are different the kids call each other the N word blacks and white kids it doesn’t matter. They used the N word as a term of endearment.

I say to you my young brothers and sisters both black and white stop and think before you call each other the N word.

Know your history or ask someone much older than you to find out the real meaning of the N word and all of the damage it has caused between the races.

Take a moment to realize all the people your hurting that hear you using the N word your parents, grand parents and ordinary people who have been damaged in the past by the use of this word.

When you use the N word you can shatter and destroy relationships that may have taken many years to build.

You might be giving white people the impression that you don’t mind being called the N word.

Black people have been called the N word as far back in history as slavery. Our people have work hard with white people to change the perception and attitudes of many.

Please realize our struggle with the use of the N word and think twice before you use it again.

They Yelled Aloud With Joy

Two people were killed and another was put on trial for murder. So why so many people yell out with joy.

Many will tell you that the justice system finally worked for a black man. Many may say that money can buy you anything. Many will say that he was innocence.

Many will say that the evidence was merely circumstantial. Many will say that the jury came back with the only possible solution.

But one thing I can assure you of is that black people are not in total agreement with each other because we are not of one body or mind.

Our views are as diverse as the colors of our skin and the textures of our hair. So for anyone who thinks that we walk and talk alike you really don’t know us.


The million man walk was an historical event, yet black men were not given credit from the news media for doing something positive.

We are to believe times have changed but every time I look around I see my people without education, I see my people criticized for how they talk, I see my people unemployed, on long food stamp lines.

Black people are in one of the largest groups of one parent families who live in rat infested neighborhoods.

So it should not surprise you to see my people crying out with anger and violence.

Please tell me how times have changed for the black man in America.


Venting ones anger through rioting and looting compares with the eruption of a volcano, or the winds of a hurricane. Once they erupted or hit land they destroy everything in their path.

like wild animals we fight back at society. Why? Because there is nothing left for our people, no jobs, no homes, and no food, but there are plenty of jails to hold us.

It is ironic that we spend most of our lives hating each other. Only to find ourselves old, helpless, and in need of those same people.

While keeping the above in mind, how are we to leave the past in the past, and move on with the future. Show us a future?

Set examples of hope, and give us are freedom so we can stop dreaming violent thoughts and start dreaming positive thoughts.


I keep telling you that your keeping from moving forward and you don’t seem to comprehend what I am saying. Why can’t you see me?

My people are without jobs their children go hungry at night. We watch TV and see the way our people are dressed and wonder how we can reach success. Why can’t you see me?

Everyday while at work I hear you whispering about. How without affirmative action i would not have my position. But I have been telling you for years.

I go to the store and stand in line with people who are talking about me as if I were not there. Saying things about why is he shopping here isn’t there a store closer to where he lives. Mean while I have lived in this neighborhood for over thirty years. Why can’t you see me?

I went to the gas station to get my car fixed and you told me that I would be next in line. So I waited patiently but after you serving the fifth person and two hours later I asked you when you were going to help me and you told me that I couldn’t be seen today. Why can’t you see me?

I realized after standing in a line that went from one side of the room two the other that people who wanted to get from one side of the room to the other were crossing in front of the only African Americans in the room. Why can’t you see me?


Like wild animals we fight back at society, Why? Because there is nothing left for our people. No jobs, homes, and no food but there are plenty of jails.

While teaching our children to become productive citizens in our society, we must set great examples for them to follow.

Venting ones anger through rioting and looting can be compared with the eruption of a volcano, or the winds of a hurricane. Once it erupts or hits land they destroy everything in their path.

It’s a shame we spend most of our lives hating one race or the other only to find ourselves old and helpless and in need of those same people to take care of us daily for our survival.

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