Karl P. Boyer has always had a passion for writing and in October 1991 he decided to write his first book entilted Positive & Black A Resource Directory of Famous African Americans & Organizations. Karl’s hopes were to inspire Black youth to give as much and possibly more to society than the people listed in the book.

He wanted them to know this book was a dream before it became reality. That anyone can accomplish anything by setting goals and following through with them. Do not let obstacles stand in your way, reach for the moon and grab the stars.

He found through research it’s possible to uncover information concealed for a life time. He hopes after reading this book you will take time to research information and gain knowledge about African Americans and our struggle for survival.

 Karl  wrote a second book entitled Disabled and Scared a booklet that helps a person who unexpectedly becomes disabled and the struggles they endure while trying to survive. 

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