Police Officers and the killing of African Americans

Posted: December 31, 2014 in Shorts

I find it difficult to believe that police officers find it easier to to kill African Americans rather than to take them into custody or place them under arrest.

Recently there was a nation-wide man hunt for a white man in Pennsylvania who killed one an wounded another police officers, they hunted him down for nearly one month and when they found him they arrested him.
There has been numerous school shootings where the white male kills other students and is arrested and put on trial.
Yet a black man can be killed for stealing cigars, selling loose cigarettes, assaulting a cop, holding a BB gun, holding a bottle of pills, and reaching for their wallet. Let’s be honest African Americans are afraid to go outside after dark, move to quickly, walk with head phones and ware hoodies. Black males are also afraid to drive, walk down the street, smoke a cigarette, drink in public all things white males are allowed to do.

Let us not forget the black police officer who spoke out about a fellow white police officer abusing a citizen. He lost his job then he killed three people and they killed him. My point is everyday white males kill people and are arrested. Why do black males have to be killed for committing the same acts of violence? why???

  1. Dlg says:

    Hi where does all your information come from?


    • kboyer1616 says:

      Well we can start from any number of places but just off the top of my head, let’s take a look at news that show a young white male who killed the people in Boston. Then the other young white male who killed students at high school then the white male who killed people at the movie theater. I believe recently a white male kill one police officer and wounded another all these case the police officer arrested these people and in many of the cases the accused was asked to surrender their weapon. So tell me why you think their and unbalance in the justice system.


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