I Remember

Posted: December 3, 2014 in SPEAK UP

I come from a city in upstate New York and when I was a teenager forty year ago I remember many encounters with police officers in my largely white community many were negative. I have never been arrested or put in jail or held at the police station. But I have been harassed called names and have been accused of doing things I never did.

I came back to this town to retire and be close to my family and I actually live on a block in a majority white neighborhood where I was called the N word and told to leave before it got dark and chased out of the park by a gang called the Park Rats.

I do understand why people are upset with society and the way the majority of African American youths are being treated. Its seems to me that issues get shoved under the carpet and its only after years of them not being addressed that violence and civil unrest occurs.

Many of the protest we see today symbolize a new commitment  to positive change in our communities. I say to the young people keep protesting for positive change in America and around the world.



  1. Diana says:

    Great write up!


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