The Dangerous Drug That Took Michael Jackson’s Life — Are You Also Using It?

Posted: June 16, 2014 in Shorts
Michael Jackson Propofol

In 2009, Michael Jackson died of an overdose of a powerful drug called propofol. The sad and tragic incident has raised interest in the drug by many who loved Michael as well as others who don’t understand how this could have happened.

Propofol was given to Michael by a doctor to help him sleep. However, the drug is not meant to be a sleep aid. In fact, it does not even produce restful, normal sleep. It is a powerful drug that is given intravenously with general anesthetics and used during diagnostic tests and surgical procedures to render patients unconscious. The drug is so powerful that it can cause irregular heartbeat, difficulty breathing, seizures and other dangerous side effects.

Further, even doctors who use the drug correctly need to be aware of other medical conditions in patients before administering propofol. These conditions can include heart disease, high cholesterol, pregnancy and breast-feeding, and disease of the blood vessels. Patients with these health conditions may develop dangerous side effects from the drug.

Only the physician who administered the drug, knowing full well the side effects included the possibility of not waking up, can explain his irresponsible actions. There is enough drug abuse in the world. Physicians take an oath to save lives, not take them. Shame on you Dr. Murray.


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