Actor DL Hughley is One Funny Guy — But NOT When It Comes to Cancer — Find Out What Advice He Has About Preventing Cancer

Posted: May 30, 2014 in Shorts
D.L. Hughley Shares Advice on Cancer

D.L. Hughley is a stand-up comedian, commentator, and actor that can still be seen in syndicated episodes of his hit sitcom, The Hughleys. Comedy is his business, but when it comes to the subject of cancer – he is very, very serious.

As Hughley explains, cancer runs in his family, so he takes no chances when it comes to his health and the health of his family. He eats healthy, exercises 5 times a week, and gets regular cancer screenings. He is also active in cancer education, particularly in the area of colorectal cancer among African Americans.

Here are some of Hughley’s words of advice to African-Americans concerning colorectal cancer.

  • Get regular preventive screenings for colorectal cancer — less than 50 percent of African-Americans are getting screened
  • Stay in touch with your physician on health issues that often plague African-Americans
  • If you haven’t had a cancer test yet, get one right away

Hughley adds that laughter is good, too. In fact, it is good medicine to have a positive, healthy outlook on life. But take no chances when it comes to cancer. Get checked, stay healthy, and live long!

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