The Black Canadian Press/La Presse Noire Canadienne ~ Dare to invent the future/Oser inventer l’avenir

Posted: May 17, 2014 in Shorts

The Black Canadian Press/La Presse Noire Canadienne



From the grave of my unborn son

I was standing there, weeping at the grave of my unborn teenaged son.

Then his spirit rose up, the Day of Judgment had come.

He looked at me with scorn,scolded me with fiery tongue,

“Daddy, my death came long before the blast of that gun…”

Stunned, confused, I stammered, “ssson?”


“Father, you pulled the trigger on my destiny.

You decided how just society would be for me.

Your silence induced this violence, this didn’t have to be,

Before I was born you could have protected me.


I mean, how could you not predict…

That this would be the result of your inaction before and after that verdict?


It was a tragic gift, sent by the Ancestors with a freedom wish,

…what more did you need to start working earnestly to prevent this?


Yes, you and mom gave me the goodlife, thank you for following the rules and playing it safe.

But those rules are the same used to rape, enslave and subjugate.


I needed more than the money and opportunities – why didn’t you mix your love with work to make us free?

Don’t you see?

Corner offices and corner lots simply don’t protect Black boys like me.


Truth be told, that night I sensed a problem, and I knew what was coming.

I just accepted it, I didn’t even bother running.


I knew I was on a collision course with the choices of my father and his generation.

I just held my breath, waited. A life of inhalation


Another Black boy destroyed. Bloodied, burning mutilation.

More painful than those bullets, is this twisted nature of this whole situation.

I fear your tears just can’t wash clear the depth of your miseducation.


Daddy, count our Black bodies, it’s a simple, pitiful calculation.

Look and see that WE are the price you’re paying for integration.”


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