Positive & Black

Posted: April 1, 2014 in Reads

Black people, what other group of humanity can boast of such a rainbow, vanilla to licorice, Spanish to Swahili, ebony to blonde? Who else has influenced major changes in what people wear, how they talk, and the music the listen to? We do? Yes WE do.

Black people, people of many shades, people of many talents, ideas, and strengths. Therefore, who else can unite and strengthen us, but US. Who else can create hope and give a positive attitude to our people but US?

Learn more about our strengths, talents, ideas, and dreams. We dedicate this second edition of Positive and Black to all of us who go against society’s negative portrayal of Black people. Experience with us something new and exciting, while seeking everything that is Positive and Black.

  1. Kevin says:

    We are black and we come so far yet we have so long to go you done a great job with theblackconversation keep up the conversation keep putting the word out there Karl love your bro!!!!!!!!’ Smile


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