“Bloods” members charged in local drug trafficking conspiracy

Posted: March 31, 2014 in News

“Bloods” members charged in local drug trafficking conspiracy

By Nicky Hickling

March 26, 2014Updated Mar 27, 2014 at 6:06 AM EDT 

(WBNG Binghamton) Seven members and associates of the Bloods Street Gang known as the “MacBallers” were charged Wednesday in a felony criminal complaint in federal court in Binghamton.
Federal, state and local law enforcement teams made the arrests after searching nine locations in the Binghamton area including the nightclub called “17 East” located at 348 Clinton Street. Investigators say the club was used and frequented by members of the MacBallers gang. Law enforcement also searched locations in New York City as part of their investigation. Fourteen people were charged in total.
The investigation began in September 2009, when law enforcement said gang members distributed large quantities of controlled substances including crack cocaine, powder cocaine, heroin, and marijuana in the Binghamton area.
The complaint also claims that MacBallers members used rental vehicles and rental apartments to operate their drug trafficking conspiracy in order to “cook,” package, store, and transport controlled substances.
Additionally, it claims the members used prepaid cell phones to contact drug customers and gang associates, in order to distribute controlled substances. The complaint also claims the members used firearms to commit assaults, shootings, and to threaten others in drug trafficking conspiracy.
Here is a list of those charged in Binghamton on Wednesday:
Derek “Jinx” Carr, 29
Courtney “Poppy” Douglas, 32
Sharell “Rell” Holton, 35
Leslie “Les” Hughes, 41
Saquan “Banga” Johnson, 38
Gerald ” G” Norfleet, 55
Daynell “Daylo” Rowland, 31

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